Bear Words

Bear Words

Thank you for your support with home learning this year. It is incredible to watch your children blossom into 'readers' and their confidence grow. Please click on the links below to access Bear Words 1-31.


These words are best learnt in a fun, interactive way. I will attach photographs of game ideas you can play with your child to keep them engaged.

Bear 1 and 2:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word_1_and_2.docx

Bear 3 and 4: /data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word_3_and_4.docx

Bear 5 and 6: /data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word_5_and_6.docx

Bear 7: /data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word_7.docx

Bear 8 and 9: /data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__8_and_9.docx

Bear 10 and 11: /data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__10_and_11.docx

Bear 12 and 13: /data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__12_and_13.docx

Bear 14 and 15:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_14_and_15.docx

Bear 16 and 17:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__16_and_17.docx

Bear 18 and 19:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__18_and_19.docx

Bear 20 and 21:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__20_and_21.docx

Bear 22 and 23:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__22_and_23.docx

Bear 24 and 25:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__24_and_25.docx

Bear 26 and 27:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__26_and_27.docx

Bear 28 and 29:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__28_and_29.docx

Bear 30 and 31:/data/uploads/reception/files/Bear_Word__30_and_31.docx

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