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Forest School in Victoria Primary

Year 2. We are learning about different habitats. There are lots of ladybirds in our garden.

Year 3 Learning about Stone Age

Making tools

Building traps to catch wild animals :)

Creating prehistoric drawing using natural dyes-beetroot, berries, grass, soil and leaves

Tribal drumming

we made our own drum beaters

Year 2 Looking closely at changes in nature- autumn trees

Year 1 Compering different habitats and sorting out animals

Animals living in our school garden: snails, hedgehogs and bees

Reception We are looking for the best places to hide in our garden. We are pretending to be squirrels hiding their nuts and acorns

We have made some bridges. We are testing how strong they are. The troll is lurking under the bridge waiting for anybody who falls in the water

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October 2020


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