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2018 Autumn 1

Our guinea pigs have a new drinking water bottle. Thank you Oskar!

We have 3 new fish to look after in Forest School

Year 2 are learning about different animals.

We saw snake skin and the dry body of a frog.

We compared the size of different beetles


More magnificent medicines from Year 4.

This time we used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make the solution fizz.

We added some food colouring and magic glitter.

We have brand new Guinea Pig monitors this term.

The Gardening Club is planting flowers and bulbs for the winter and spring display..


Reception class is going for a Bear Hunt.

We found 6 bears hiding in the woods.


Outdoor art and maths. We used 10 of different natural materials to create our masterpieces.

Unexpected addition to our art work!


Year 1 - we are reinforcing our phonics. "G" is our sound today; "g" for guinea pigs.

The Gardening Club is getting ready for our Harvest Festival.

Mrs Bradford has lent the scarecrow her jacket. Will she ever get it back?


The Nursery children liked our Harvest display

George could make his marvellous medicine and so can we.

Everyone's potion has magic powers!

Year 4 - testing our "wind turbines".

Year 1 - reinforcing phonics in Forest School "Guinea pigs giggling g,g,g"

The community working day in our garden.

Wild art- we made shapes and patterns using natural materials

We made some streamers and tested them on a windy day.

Reception Class is exploring the garden and forest

Who can strip the willow leaves first?

We made some leaf and stone patterns

Summer Activities

Our annual WAFFLE PARTY was a big success. We made £589 !

Thank you to all volunteers for their help

Even our local policemen heard about the Waffle Party and came to taste some


Year 3 are learning about the Stone Age people.

We are making clay carving and painting like the ones found in caves.

We were learning how the Stone Age people hunted

Year 2 We learned how to transport water and experimented with different material to check which ones can be carried by the water the fastest.

Reception Children are acting out the story of Percy the Park Keeper after we read it together.

We set up a stall to sell some of the produce from our garden to our parents,

Look at our new fantastic garden beds!

A big thank you to Miss Mousley and her partner who have donated their time to take away the old planting beds and install the new ones.

RSPB activities for KS1 and Early Years. We looked at different habitats and creatures living in our outdoor area.

We are studying plants; their parts and functions


transplanting small plants

Transplanting tomatoes with our expert volunteer Krystyna

growing seeds in mini "greenhouses"

We can study closely all parts of this baby pumpkin

growing cress seeds

Edible plants: mint tea, chives and cress which we have grown

Harvesting rhubarb leaves ( we can eat only stems not leaves)

Using plants as decoration

relaxing with a book

Out of school club in the garden

School Council popped in to Forest School for a cup of mint tea.

We also discussed activities we enjoy most and ideas we might have for our future lessons.

First warm day in the garden. The spring is on its way.

Teachers from different schools met in our school garden to learn new skills and exchange ideas.

We have been learning about different kinds of birds and animals that lay eggs and build nests.


We had a go at constructing nests ourselves.

Then we worked in groups to find some eggs hidden in the garden to fill our nests.

We counted the eggs. We needed to know if the other group was better than us!

We were all winners as we all got a sweet treat at the end!

Before Easter you could have a photo taken and help us raise funds for the food for our guinea pigs. We made £8. Thank you for your donations!



We are learning about the importance of earthworms for our environment.

We have studied the information about the worms habitat and life cycle.

We know what important role they play to keep our garden soil healthy and fertile.

We found lots of worms in our soil. That proves how well we look after our environment.

We measured some worms to check what was the average size of worm for our garden


Creativity and Cooperation

Reception and Year 3 working together to make a Bog Baby puppet using a range of natural materials.

We created a whole "school" of Bog Babies

We climbed up the hill and we could all feel out of breath and our hearts beating much faster

We were learning how to stay safe around the fire.

KS 2 outdoor activities

​​Trust and confidence building exercises

Year 2 were learning abut foods which come from the rain forest and compared them to foods which we grow in our school garden

Celebrating Chinese New Year with the love story illustrated by the willow pattern on a plate.

We found a willow tree in our garden.

Maybe there is a story to be found here too?


Year 4 and 5 were making 2D shapes using willow branches.

The shapes will be used by the Nursery and Reception children during the Shape Hunt next week.

Reception classes were learning about the properties of ice.

We had to rescue some spiders trapped in ice.

Year 2 were learning about the Great Fire of London.

In Forest School we were learning about the dangers and responsibilities when making a fire.

We also roasted some marshmallows. Yummy!

Autumn and Winter Activities

Year 2,3,4,5 and 6 took part in the RSPB outreach project. We were learning about our environment and how our school grounds can support wildlife.

Making decorations for the school Christmas Fair

Team and trust building activities

Making Christmas decorations

Studying snails with Nursery

Forest School art

Year 3 and 4 activities.

We are learning to use tools; hammers, peelers and tent pegs

Nursery children.

Looking after guinea pigs

Harvesting carrots for carrot cake.

More Year 3 and 4 activities

Reception Class -making Stickmen

A small visitor. Can you spot it?

After School Forest Club

Year 2 - Learning about fire

Selling Christmas Cards

Lunch time Guinea Pigs monitors



Reception went on a bear hunt!

We use different tools

Our guinea pigs are very friendly and cuddly

Team work is dream work!

Who can reach higher?

Our hearts were beating fast after a run down the field


We are learning about different animals and habitats

YEAR 3/4

Learning new skills- whittling the willow sticks

Using mallets

Preparing our Harvest Festival display

Highlights 2016/2017

Harvesting Tomatoes

Our New Guinea Pigs- Munchy and Candy

Learning About Local Heroes- Archery

Story Time In The Garden

Clay Modeling

Harvesting Autumn Vegetables

Using Tools To Whittle Wood

Christmas in the Garden

Easter Fundraising

Spring in the Garden- Planting Potatoes

Outdoor Art

Learning About Minibeasts

Green Day

End of School Waffle Party- Fundraising for Outdoor Classroom

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