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What a wet day we had in the Forest School today! it did not stop us from going out.

We made a vegetable garden using a box and some pictures of vegetables from old catalogs.

Even the hungry bunnies will not be able to get through the wall of our garden.

Year 3 and 4 are learning about the Romans this term.

We are learning how they built forts for their legionaries

This one looks great!

We studied the way the Romans built their roads

Look at our Roman numerals

Reception class planted some onions, measuring the distance with their hands.

We also planted some potatoes.

We fed Candy with grass and dandelions

Year 1 and 2 finished their topic about The British Isles. We learned that daffodils are the national emblem flower of Wales. We did some close observations of this flower and tried to draw as many details as possible. We did pretty well!

We learned about all nations in the United Kingdom, creating a map with a different emblem flower for each nation: daffodil, thistle, rose and shamrock.

Spring 1/2

We were learning about different methods that birds use to make their nests.

Later we had an amazing egg hunt to celebrate Easter

Year 3 and 4 are learning about symmetry. We all used the same materials but each picture was different like in a kaleidoscope.


We can trust our friends knowing they will look after us

Reception children celebrated Chinese New Year

Year 3 are learning how plants can help them to have a healthy diet and better environment to play and rest in

Reception are learning to make friendship bracelets to exchange them with their friends .

Year 1 and 2 are learning about animals. Why not to start our learning journey with our school guinea pig Candy.

Autumn 2

We made some Christmas decorations

Making autumnal crowns for the kings and queens of the forest school

The Autumn Queen in her castle


Year 3 are learning about Ancient Greece

We listened to the Greek myth about Medusa and made Medusa clay masks

We are celebrating Diwali by watching the story of Rama and Sita

We have made some leaf fireworks to celebrate Diwali and Bonfire Night


Year 1 has been learning about Van Gogh. We painted some flowers and made two wonderful displays for the classroom. I am sure Mr Van Gogh would be proud of their work


Harvest display in the school garden

We have done a food collection to support our local Food Bank

Reception class

Candy loves being stroked and fed

We are using chalk to draw in puddles

We are enjoying feeling the texture of conkers, acorns and berries

We are decorating Elmer with colourful leaves

Reception made a leaf Elmer

We are talking about the way that conkers feel: cold, smooth, hard

We are setting up a harvest display

Year 1 are playing game of collecting conkers

We have made some observational painting of our garden vegetables

Forest school Club children collect seeds from our bean plants


Year 3

We have rebuilt our BUG HOME and fitted it with new sticks and bricks for bugs to hide in and hibernate through the winter

Super work at taking the bark off the willow stick


Year 1

Year 1 has been checking the school grounds for the signs of Autumn

We found some flowers, insects and snails

What are you making using this big mallet?

A perfect enclosure for the elephant

Our school guinea pig loves hay

We have harvested some potatoes ready for our Harvest Festival

Forest school club children are litter picking around our school

We have made some tree guardians to protect our trees

We have made a wonderful castle

Our mud kitchen Star Baker with her pumpkin pie

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