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Summer 2

Year 1 and 2 made observational paintings of the lilac flowers

Year 1 is ready to plant their broad beans

The beans are planted

Year 3 pupils are watering the beans. They have grown a lot in the last month

Year 3 are making some friendship bracelets

Reception children are looking after our guinea pig

Children are planting the pea plants in the ground.

Look how good we are at removing the plants from their pots

Summer 1


Learning about plants in our school environment

Year 3

Designing Egyptian amulets

Creating new Egyptian gods using garden animals as inspiration

Ramps, pulleys and levers - these simple machines helped the Egyptians to build pyramids. We have been experimenting with using different machines to move heavy objects.

Year 1/2

Learning about plants

Observational paintings of garden flowers


Sorting out different mini-beasts

Hunting for bugs

Autumn 2

Year 6 pupils planted an oak tree as part of a project to reconnect people of Nottingham with Sherwood Forest. The tree was donated by The People's Forest.

Year 1 and 2 Human body. We are learning about different bones in our bodies

Year 1 and Reception Diwali story of Rama and Sita


Elmer the elephant could camouflage himself in the jungle. Can you see how our friend is camouflaged herself among the leaves?

We were learning how to colour our elephants using soil, clay , vegetables and leaves from our garden

Although it was very wet we managed to colour our elephants!

Year 3 We found objects which cast interesting shadows

Year 3 are studying shadows

We used the camera to capture interesting shadows on our faces

Year 2

Year 1 is learning about the human body. We made a leaf man and used different kinds of leaves for each body part.

Autumn 1

Year 2. We are learning about different habitats. There are lots of ladybirds in our


Year 3 Learning about Stone Age

Making tools

Building traps to catch wild animals :)

Creating prehistoric drawing using natural dyes-beetroot, berries, grass, soil and leaves

Tribal drumming

we made our own drum beaters

Year 2 Looking closely at changes in nature- autumn trees

Year 1 Compering different habitats and sorting out animals

Animals living in our school garden: snails, hedgehogs and bees

Reception We are looking for the best places to hide in our garden. We are pretending to be squirrels hiding their nuts and acorns

We have made some bridges. We are testing how strong they are. The troll is lurking under the bridge waiting for anybody who falls in the water

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