Leadership roles

At Victoria Primary School, we truly believe in ‘Everyone a leader, everyone a learner’. Our pupils are very astute and their voice is important to us all. In order to develop pupils’ leadership within school, a number of roles were created in 2023. Namely:

  • School Council
  • School Council of Food
  • Eco Warriors
  • Digital Leaders
  • Lunchtime Leaders
  • Interior Designers
  • Reading Ambassadors
  • Librarians
  • Mental Health Champions
  • Sports Leaders
  • Anti-Bullying Consultants
  • Anti-Racism Consultants
  • Estates Council
  • SEND Forum
  • Language Ambassadors

Pupils are invited to complete an application form and school council shortlisted for the roles. Pupils then work with an adult connected to the leadership role to explore what the role would entail. This year, our School Council of Food were able to impact change by meeting with the school cook and discussing the foods they liked/disliked. They asked for hot sauce on all of the tables and food that better represented their varied tastes such as dahl, jollof rice and food that is ‘less bland’. The school cook and headteacher listened to the children, met with Aspens and developed a new menu in consultation with the SCOF group that is more flavourful and reflects their varied tastes. Feedback so far has been very positive with the SCOF group intending to work with The Meadows Food Bank to collect food for Harvest as their next focus.

School teams

As part of developing leaders, pupils have to audition for the school choir and dance teams. They also have to attend trials for the school football team. Children who are successful at this point are expected to demonstrate commitment to their sport or art. It essential for pupils to feel that their place has been 'well earnt'. The school dance teams competed against local teams at the Albert Hall in Nottingham in March. All teams did very well and we were super proud of their commitment.

Amazingly, our UKS2 (green) team got through to the finals in Oxford! Beth Mullins (Dance teacher) set up a ‘just giving’ page with SLT and the ‘Get us to Oxford’ campaign began. All of the staff were behind these talented girls and shared the page with everyone they knew. Within a week, we had raised enough money for travel, stay and a visit to Oxford Museums. These girls competed at a national level in an unfamiliar City and theatre. They represented our school and Nottingham well and were excellent competitors. We are still beyond proud of them.

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