At Victoria Primary School, we embrace the vital role that our school plays in the future lives of our children. Our mission is that every child thrives academically and socially and is fully prepared for the next stage of their education and their future lives.


Victoria Primary School is an international learning community. We are a transformational school. We develop confident, caring and courageous people who engage actively, ethically and purposefully with the community and the wider world around us. We foster curious, resilient learners who support one another, enjoy life and achieve the best they can. Our values of respect, honesty, responsibility and thoughtfulness towards themselves, others and the wider world are lived with integrity.


Our culture of excellence ensures the highest quality of teaching, learning and support in a healthy, vibrant and progressive ethos where children and adults successfully learn together. Our scholars achieve this through our “Work Hard” and “Be Kind” values.

Work Hard

  • Collaborate
  • Don’t give up
  • Question
  • Know more, remember more
  • Strategise
  • Be a leader

Be Kind

  • Be respectful
  • Be thoughtful
  • Be responsible
  • Be honest
  • Be safe
  • Self regulate

“There are lots of good role models and people to look up to here. This means that we have many people to learn from.”