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Summer 2


Look how good we are at drawing a person. Erik's person is wearing earrings and Hanna's has a bellybutton.

We are testing a new hammock in the Forest School.

We found the best shape for shark teeth-triangles.

Aram counted 10 teeth!

We can write our names!

Investigation and problem solving; How many magnets does it take to move the chair?


Dear Parents and Friends

On the 14th of June

Tall tales will be told

Of Pirate adventures

And chests full of gold

There’ll be hat making, boat making,

Hunting for treasure.

Come at 9:00 for hours

Of Pirate- filled pleasure!

Treasure Hunt in the school garden


We are riding the sea-monster

Alissia- Rose is making some sand ice-cream in her under the sea goggles.

Wear it Wild Day

We had our faces painted so we all looked like different animals




We are learning about patterns

We have opened a Fish and Chips shop

La -Mia served us fish and some delicious freshly fried chips.

We decorated some fish. They looked great. They had shiny scales like the Rainbow Fish.

Summer 1


Bug Picnic in the school garden

The Sainsbury,s donated food for our picnic. Thank you!

Playing games "Duck, duck, goose"

Enjoying fruit and sandwiches

All bugs ready for their food

Yum, yum bugs in my tum!

The Bugs are ready for their picnic

Is this a spider in my sandwich?

Spreading butter is a bit tricky


Who has the longest ribbon?

Our sound of the week was C.

Connor was very keen to practise writing C.

We are learning about snails and other mini-beasts.

We can match shapes and talk about their properties

Children are working together to make a spider web.

Renaya is a spider

Norman The Slug With A Silly Shell -story time

We are learning about slugs and snails

Decorating bagels with cheese and herbs to make a healthy snack

The bagels look like Norman's shell!

In Forest School we collected plants and flowers.

We are the strongest!

We have learned a new game -"Duck, duck, goose"

"Run Sydah, run"

Spring 2


Happy Easter!

Easter egg hunt in our school garden

Forest School activities. We had a lovely sunny day to explore and play.

We had a show for Mother's Day. We also made necklaces for our mums.

We sang the song for our mum.

" I love you our button nose , your eyes, your ears, your knees, your toes.

I love you up to the sky past the moon and stars so bright.

If you feel alone and scared , always know that Ill be there.

Just like one and one makes two- you love me and I love you!"

Developing woodwork skills

We are learning to use hammers.

Little pigs, little pigs let me in! Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!

Community Officer Lucy is showing us how to keep records

World Book Day in the Nursery


Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall....

Poor old Humpty

Poor old Humpty Dumpty


Our own version of the Humptyy Dumpty rhyme

Humpty Dumpty sat on a ..................

Humpty Dumpty ........................................

..on a chair ... sat on a pot

..had long hair .... was thinking a lot

.... sat on a log ... sat on a bench

... saw a black dog ... spoke only French


Our Nursery Train is ready to depart! Have you got a ticket?

Look at our buildings!

In Forest School we looked for blossom and listened to different sounds around us

Our feet make lots of different noises

Where is Candy hiding?

We planted some heather with Miss Casson

Spring 1


Question of the Day: Have you ever Flown a kite?

Let's go fly a kite..

Year 5 children ar coming every Tuesday afternoon to read to us. Thank you!

We are learning about triangles. Our kites will have 2 ,3 or 4 triangles on them

Testing the kites!

Making cookies! Later we will play our favourite song "Who took the cookie from the jar?"

We know we need to line up the objects before we can count them

We are learning to be independent at the snack table

Interactive music with Miss Casson. Zidan really enjoyed the game!

We are learning how to share our toast fairly into equal parts

Who is taller?

We are learning how to draw and paint a person

In the home corner we are looking after the babies

Poppy has brought her grandma to school. She played with us and read us books. Thank you Poppy and "Nanar"

We are learning the initial sound in our names

We can all find our letters

We drew around Poppy and look how tall she is!

Alyssa-Rose is proud of her drawing. Well done Alyssa!

Lottie is practising writing letters

Everyone is practising writing their names and their initial letters

Our rhyme this week is "There was an old lady who lived in a shoe". We are learning to sort the shoes out into pairs and to count them.


Our Story - Reign and Alissa (inspired by the book of the week"Pip and Posy")

Reign loved riding her scooter. Alissa wanted to ride the scooter too. Alissa snatched the scooter away. Reign was cross.

Alissa rode the scooter too fast. She drove it into the cupboard and hurt her knee. Reign felt sorry for her and put a plaster on her knee.

Alissa said "Thank you" and they were friends again. They decided to share the scooter.

Reign is sharing the book with her friends.

We enjoyed a game of football in Forest School. The hot chocolate tasted really nice afterwards.

We love writing!

Lucy the Community Police Officer visited last week and read some stories to us.

Autumn 2

We are ready for the Nursery Christmas Performance

We dressed up as Twinkling Stars

In the school hall, our mums and dads came to watch us sing

"Mummy Star, Mummy Star where are you?

Here I am, here I am! How do you do?"

Mr Hallam, our site manager read the Christmas story to us. Thank you Mr Hallam.

Nursery Christmas Party

Father Christmas came to see us

He brought us presents!

Thank you Father Christmas

We enjoyed our party food

Daddy finger, Mummy finger, Brother finger....

Happy Christmas!

We danced and played party games


Forest school

It had been raining and the rain washed out some worms on the tarmac.

We found the worms .

We put them on the grass to rescue them. We rescued 11 worms!

Here we go round the Christmas tree...

Christmas Dinner

Learning about patterns: pink, blue, pink, ...

We made paper chains to decorate our classroom

Baking and decorating cakes

Showtime! Singing on the stage and playing the piano and bells


Our Big Teddy is 4 years old today.Let's have a party!

Erik bought Teddy a present. It was a train!

We played party games

We danced and sang songs

At the end we shared the birthday cake we had baked a day earlier

Mrs Froggatt played the trumpet for the Teddy's birthday

Sharing, dividing and counting-How many pieces can we divide the toast into?

Autumn walk in Forest School. We made a shelter

Azhi and Erik are very strong

Team Work is Dream Work!


Celebrating Diwali! Sunil and his mum told us how they celebrate Diwali at home

Mrs Walker did the puppet show of the Rama and Sita story

We were learning how to drum: fast, slow, quiet and loud

We danced and sang

We tried some Diwali treats

We ate rice using our fingers. We also played with dry rice

Hurrah . We started our weekly Library

Mr Pickering read our story of the week Aaarrrggghhh Spider!

We used big pieces of paper to draw spiders and the webs

We made spiders and learned how to catch them. How many did you catch?

We learned about and practised piano music

Look who was hiding under the leaves

We are kind and gentle with our guinea pigs

Autumn 1

Party Time! Who are these Tigers? Have we got enough tea for them?

We wore the stripy outfits for the party

Our mums helped us to make tiger masks

Making a pumpkin cake for our Tiger Who Came To Tea Party

Decorating the biscuits for the Party

Year 6 children came to read us the story of Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Problem solving in action-"How do we make these boxes move?" Ravel has got an answer, you need a long piece of string.

Yes! It works!

Outside we are listening to a drumming session.

We are watching the clouds and leaves being blown by wind.

Practising our fine motor skills - we can thread nuts on the bolts.

Helping with phonetic awareness by learning to tap different rhythms.

Our rhyme this week was "2 little Dicky Birds". Hanna made one fly away.

We drew 2 birds sitting on a wall and we wiped them off when they flew away.

Story telling and acting out "What ever next?"

Renaya's owl is flying to the moon with the Bear.


Our Guest Reader this week was Jon, our Community policeman

We are learning new songs playing interactive games.

Who can build a taller tower?

We love playing with bubbles. Some are huge!

We all enjoy the school dinners.

Forest School on a windy day.

Welcome back after the summer holidays. We hope you all had a lovely and busy break; a special welcome to all the new children and their families who are joining us this term.

New parents met in the school hall while their children had their first independent visit in the Nursery.

Enjoying books on our new sofa!

We also have a new set of kitchen furniture. Aren't we lucky!

Dough Disco!

Sharing, counting and sorting. Maths in action!


First Forest School this school year.

Digging out potatoes. Look, they are all different sizes!

We were listening to different sounds outside. We spotted a bird in the tree which sang a beautiful song for us.

Summer 2018

People Who Help Us-our topic this half-term

We're going to the Zoo...a big thank you to all parents for their support!

We saw lots of different animals

We love the gorillas

We had a picnic in the shade.

Back from the ZOO - a little bit tired


Waffle Party - everyone enjoyed the waffles and face painting

Nothing is better on a hot day than a WATERMELON! Thank you for this gift Jaylin's mum

We were visited by the local firefighters and we put into practice what we learned from them.

Time to relax! We are learning how to calm our bodies and our minds down

Our new communication system outside!

We are learning to make pasta

Abdalla is coping the chef or is the chef coping Abdalla?

Pizza chefs in action.

We made two pizzas: one real and one pretend. Can you tell the difference?

Thank you very much Scarlett's and Oskar's dads for teaching us how to make pasta and pizza.


Our topic this half term is Animals

Our end of half-term JUNGLE SHOW

First we made some elephant biscuits.

Then we invited our mums, dads and friends to our show.

"Down in the jungle were nobody goes, there is a big crocodile washing his clothes..."

At the end we enjoyed eating our biscuits and the vegetable lion snack.

We used this opportunity to give certificates to our Super Stars. Thank you for coming Mr Gray, We know you are very busy.


Year 5 pupils, came to teach us about guinea pigs. They are guinea pigs monitors so they know how to look after them. They are the EXPERTS.

We love handling our guinea pigs.

We had more experts visiting us with their animals. Noah and Lottie brought their pet turtle to show us.

We also learned about chicks. Mrs Bradford kindly brought some from her farm.


Forest School activities

we made a birthday cake for Sultan!

RSPB Visit. We explored our outdoor area looking for different textures, bugs and plants.

In our maths lessons we learn about different sizes and patterns.

Green grape, yellow grape: green grape yellow grape: etc

We love reading books


Miss Casson and Leena in the Vet's surgery modeling how to play vets.

Our guest reader last week was Community Policeman Jon.

We are getting better at writing!

We are new enjoying Finger Gym activities

Look! We can read

What a lovely morning to spend in the Forest School.

White Post Farm visit. We had a chance to see, touch and hear lots of animals.

G0-Ride -end of bike riding lessons celebration

We all got a special certificate from our teacher Richard stating that


HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE ! We had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny

Our mums and dads came to help us find eggs that the EASTER BUNNY had hidden in the garden

We found 40 eggs!

We also made some Easter cakes and decorations to share them with our families during Easter

Baking cakes

Sowing cress seeds


Sports Relief Day

Penalty shootout and space hopper race

Hula -hoop challenge

Balancing skill challenge

Bean Game-jumping bean , runner bean, baked bean, jelly bean and frozen bean

-we were all full of beans on Friday


We have been experimenting with different textures and materials:





British Science Week in the Nursery

Making and playing with Oobleck cornstarch ( non-Newtonian fluid which acts like both a solid and a liquid)

Outside we made different colours and size of bubbles

Paper aeroplanes -we investigated different types and designs

Mother's Day

The Nursery children sang a special song for their mums.

" Just like one and one make two you love me and I love you!"

We drank a toast to our wonderful mums with a cup of strawberry and banana smoothie!


Story Time. This month our Guest Reader was Mr Mills.

Our local Police Officer.

Mr Mills showed us how to take notes

We all had a go at taking notes like a policeman.

Good Morning Breakfast and Story,,, and Pancake Day celebration!

Our guest reader was Miss ODonoghue

Mix a pancake, stir a pancake

Toss a pancake

Eat a pancake

The winners of Mums' Pancake Tossing competition. .Congratulations :)

Go -Ride We started bicycle riding lessons

Whether it’s a spin in the back garden, splashing through puddles in the park or tearing around a local pump track: cycling is an essential part of growing up.

Good Morning Story & Breakfast

Year 6 boys were our first Guest Readers this year.

First Forest School in 2018! :) We had to dress well as it was very cold.

We found lots of shapes in the garden


We played with and fed our guinea pigs

We have started our daily Dough Disco activities

What is dough disco?

Dough disco involves moulding dough in time to music and performing different actions such as rolling it into a ball, flattening it, putting each individual finger into the dough, rolling it into a sausage and squeezing it.

Why do dough disco?

This activity helps to strengthen children's fine motor muscles to enable them to develop their pencil grip which in turn will help to develop their writing skills. But most of all it's fun !

​2017 -Autumn

Christmas time in the Nursery

Nursery Christmas Party

A visit from Father Christmas with presents for everyone!

Christmas Performance for our parents and families

Christmas dinner

Decorating our school Christmas Tree

Story time -guest reader Mr Hallam, our site manager, read us a Christmas story

We are getting better at writing

Good Morning Breakfast and Story Time with Mr Gray

Children in Need. decorating Pudsey biscuits.

Making Carrot Cupcakes

We dug out five carrots from our garden

We shared one with our guinea pigs

Mrs Walker grated the carrots

Everyone had a go at stirring the ingredients

Icing our cupcakes. We all tried one cake and also took one home to share with our families

Do not worry we are ok. Mrs Walker went on the First Aid course and brought some bandages . We pretended we were poorly and had bandages on our legs, arms and heads.

Maths - learning about patterns

Finger gym - look how well we concentrate

Children in Need. We came to school dressed up and decorated Pudsey biscuits

2017- Autumn 1

Our First School Dinner

We are making green playdough

We are learning how to share

We know how to line up and how to be good listeners

We love Finger Gym! It helps strengthen our hand muscles- ready for writing

We brush our teeth everyday

Learning our rhyme of the week- Hickory Dickory Dock!

Open evening with parents

Forest School

August 2019


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