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​​Let's hope the weather starts to heat up soon.

As we make our way towards the end of Term 2 in Year 6, the children continue to impress us with their work, progress and attitude to learning. Almost all of them have received recognition in assembly for either Work Hard or Be Kind values. Each week it gets harder for us to choose just one child for each.

Well done Year 6, keep up the hard work and effort!​

With three weeks until Easter, SATs revision, booster groups and 1 to 1 interventions are running smoothly and focusing on specific areas that our children need to work on. Please use the links on our page to support your children at home with things that they need to learn and revise.


As we prepare to move onto Secondary School, Year Six have started to explore healthy relationships, how to treat others and respond appropriately in different situations.

Mary Anning - the girl, the woman, the fossil hunter! (Find out more in our biography section below).

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Evolution and Inheritance: How has the world changed over time? Who has helped to explain this? What evidence can be found?




Keep up to date with local, national and world wide news reports:


Sketching techniques use to complete the fossil image:

by Sophie, Yasmin and Austeja.

by Summer, Ousman and Dominick.

Coming soon...


Homework is very important in Year 6 as the children prepare for their transition to Secondary school as well as getting ready for their SATs. Homework will be given once a week and expected back in the following week. It will be linked to the learning in class and therefore not only encourages independent learning but further embeds their understanding.

Spellings and times tables tests will also be given out weekly.

Here are some spellings to learn at home:

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