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World War 1 Centenary.

The Year 6 enjoyed a trip to Notts County football ground today (8th November) to commemorate a hundred years since the end of World War 1. The match was played between British and German women and the children enthusiastically cheered throughout! Unfortunately Germany won 2-1 but the game was played in good spirits and the children behaved brilliantly.


The Year 6 team

We have a few changes in Year 6 this year as we welcome Mrs Webb, who is the new teacher in Bonetta Class and who will be supported by Miss Woodhouse in the mornings.

Miss Moore will continue to teach in Bridgetower class and will be supported by Miss Whistler and Mr Marty.

Inspirational Victorians

Our classes are named after inspirational Victorians. The children have already researched the individuals that their classes are named after, so will probably be able to tell you lots of interesting facts.

Bonetta Class

Sara Forbes Bonetta (15 September 1862) (cropped).jpg

Sara Forbes Bonetta (1843 - 1880) was a West Afri

can princess of the Yoruba people, who was orphaned during intertribal warfare. She was sold into slavery and in a remarkable twist of events was liberated and became a goddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Bridgetower Class

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George Bridgetower (1778 - 1860) was an Afro-European musician, who was born in Poland but spent much of his life in England. He was a classical violinist who played in concert halls all over the world.

How do we see the world?

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This term will be exploring the earth. We will be using atlases to locate countries and describe geographical features. We will be describing and understanding biomes, vegetation belts and climate zones.


Linking to our WW1 commemoration day the children will be writing about The 1914 Christmas Truce which brought together the Allies and German soldiers for a game of football on Christmas Day. This historical event always engages the children and is reflected in their writing.


Homework is very important in Year 6 as the children prepare for their transition to secondary school as well as getting ready for their SATs next year. Homework will be given once a week and expected back in the following week. It will be linked to the learning in class and therefore not only encourages independent learning but further embeds their understanding.

Spellings and times tables tests will also be given out weekly.

December 2018


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