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Epic - - Free 30-day trial - instant access to a range of books (age 12 and under)

The Reading Realm - - Free home learning packs, book and library challenges, quizzes, discussion guides,games and stories written by children for children! You can also now draw/write your own stories, poems, reviews, diaries etc, in the app too.

Audible - - Free for this period - available in six languages.

Researchify Audiobooks - - Free books in PDF, Word and audiobook format - Alice in Wonderland / Wind in the Willows / The Railway Children / The Jungle Book / Peter Pan / Black Beauty.

Many Books - - 50,000 free ebooks. Arranged by genre.

BBC Bitesize - Spelling, Puncuation and Grammar (SPaG) - - Lots of videos and activities to support the SPaG activities in your child's pack.

Khan Academy - - Tips, Resources and Mini-Lessons for free. You will need to sign up to use it


Maths made easy -

I See Maths - - A fantastic website that posts videos everyday at 9am (they are considering changing to 10am to not clash with Joe Wick's PE!). The videos are easy to follow and will ensure that your child keeps practising the maths basic skills.

Maths is Fun - - A really good website for explaining maths ideas to children, using lots of examples and diagrams.

Maths Dictionary - - An excellent resource for explaining maths vocabulary to children.

Maths Bot - - Timed activities. Children can choose their own topic and difficulty level. Is great for a short burst of activity.

Corbett Maths Primary - - Has lots of video tutorials to help explain key facts to children. If your children is finding a particular task in the pack difficult, this would be a great place to start.

TT Rock Stars - - Timestables

Top Marks - - Maths games - children can choose their level of difficulty and subject.

Oxford Owl (Timestables) - - Tips on helping your child with the timestables at home.

Third Space Learning - - Help for parents supporting their Year 5 child with home learning.


Collins - - Music Express is free until the 31st of August, so children can access a free song bank by clicking on 'Free children's song bank!' for access to 400+ songs to sing with your children.

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