Phonics in Reception Class

What is phonics?
Phonics refers to a method for teaching children to read and write in English. It involves connecting the sounds of spoken English with letters or groups of letters (e.g that the sound /k/ can be represented by c, k, ck or ch spellings) and teaching them to blend the sounds of letters together to produce approximate pronunciations of unknown words.

​Phonics enables children to use individual sounds to construct words. For example, when taught the sounds for the letters s, m, c, t, g, p, a, o they can build up to the words "mat", "cat", "tap" and "pot".

When is phonics taught?

The children in Boot and Bell class take part in phonics session four times per week Tuesday - Friday from 9:15 a.m. - 9:45a.m.

How is phonics structured?

Recap/Revisit - The children are shown flashcards of the phonemes that they have already learnt. We work together to 'say the phoneme' and 'show the action'. This phase helps us to embed the connection between the grapheme (written letter) and phoneme (letter sound).

Teach - The children are taught a new phoneme. We learn the letter name, phonics sound, song and action. Our teachers show us how to sky write the word.

We are learning how to blend phonemes together to read words. We follow this sequence:

My turn...

Our turn...

Your turn...

Please click on the links below to find words and sentences that your child will be familiar with from phonics teaching each week.

Summer 1

Week 1 - Recap ee, igh, oa, ai

Week 2 - oo, oo

Week 3 - ow, oi

Week 4 - ar, or

Week 5 - ur, air

Spring 2

We are passionate about supporting your children to reach their potential but we need your help. Research shows that children who read regularly at home make the most progress across the whole curriculum.

How can you help?

The children in Foundation learn best through play opportunities and hands on experiences.

- Chop up the words and pictures.

-Turn the cards face down.

-Take it in turns to turn over two pieces of paper.

- Read the word.

- Does the word match the picture?

Week 1 - x, qu

Week 2 - sh, ch


Week 3 - th, wh


Week 4 - ck, ng


Week 5 - ee, igh


Week 6 - oa, ai


Spring 1

Please help yourself to a phonics sheet from our Parents Board to help your child at home.

Week 1 - v, w


Week 2 - y, z


This week we have been learning to apply our phonics knowledge to help us write captions and sentences.

'It is a zip.'

I can yell.

I can yap.

Whilst 'I' was waiting to go home she read some of the words on Miss Murphy's board.

We have all been busy practising our letter formation and pencil grip.

Week 3 - j, n

Week 4 - k, e

Week 5 - ll, ss, ff, zz

Autumn 2

Week 1 - r, l

Week 2 - d, b

Week 3 - f, h

Week 4 - i, u

Week 5 - a, o

Autumn 1

Week 2 - s, m, c, t


Week 3 - g, p, a, o

Week 4 - r, l, d, b


Week 5 - Revision

Week 6 - f, h, i, u


June 2019


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