Number and Shape, Space and Measure

Rhymes of the Week

This term the children have been learning a range of counting rhymes to help them count up to 5. Here are some of the songs we have learnt so far:

  • Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • One, two, three, four, five
  • Five Little Ducks

If you would like to sing some nursery rhymes with your child, the following website has many different rhymes to support your child learn their numbers to 5 and 10.


9th September

We will be counting and reading numbers 0-20. During Maths sessions, we will be counting different actions e.g. Can you do 6 jumps? Can you stamp your feet 10 times? This will help the children to develop an understanding of amounts.

The Number of the Week is... 2!

Number challenge - Can you make the number 2 out of play doh? Can you make any objects that come in sets of 2? For example 2 feet, 2 eyes, 2 wheels on a bike.

December 2019


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