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  • Chickenpox Outbreak
    Health advice (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • End of school day
    Thank you for being on time - or letting us know if not (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Health warning
    Families are alerted to the dangers of the fake tongue piercings craze. (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Donation thanks
    Improvements to our Forest School area (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Cadbury nurture garden sale
    This week only! (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Well done to year 6!
    We were all very proud of Year 6 pupils last week (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Goodbye to Mrs Sarah Perkins
    After almost two decades of service to pupils attending the school, we said a sad goodbye to teachin (Whole School - 07/05/2018)
  • Well done to years 3 & 4!
    Huge congratulations to pupils in Years 3 and 4 who performed their Bugsy Malone show last week. (Whole School - 07/05/2018)
  • Bad language
    A reminder to families to keep a check on the language being used around school (Whole School - 07/05/2018)
  • Parent helpers
    Sometimes we need extra adults to go on local walks with our younger classes. (Whole School - 07/05/2018)

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