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10th September 2021

Week 1 done!

It has been a lovely week in school. We have been so impressed with how well all children have settled into the routines of their new classes – especially our new Reception Class children who have been almost tear-free! With reminders about our Work Hard and Be Kind rules done, we are looking forward to seeing all of the things your children will achieve in the months to come.

Water bottles

A reminder that water bottles have water in them not squash. Apart from the sugar highs and lows that come with squash which don’t help learning at all, squash stains when it gets spilt. In one spillage of squash this week, a child ruined their brand new uniform, their new workbook and their classmate’s new workbook too. Water is fine for a quick drink from a water bottle.


After two disrupted years, it is important that children get as much chance to read as possible. Every child should be reading at home as much as possible. For older children who don’t need help to read words, a chance to sit quietly and read on their own is just as important.

Home School Links – a message from Miss Latif

I wanted to introduce myself as one of the new members of the team in Year 5 and 6. I am passionate about parental involvement in school and I would really like to meet our families and chat about what we do well at Victoria with our families and what we could do even better. I will be out and about in the playground and at the gate after school next week with my clipboard and hope to meet as many of you as I can. Miss Latif

Bike storage

You can’t miss the huge fencing and digger as we update our entrance way… Next week will see a new concrete base being put down with new bike and scooter shelters due to be installed on the 20th. IT will be great for children o have somewhere dry to store their transport in time for the autumn weather!

Forest School Classroom

Have you seen our new Forest School classroom peeking through the trees? To match the environmental focus of this area, you’d never believe that this is actually a recycled shipping container! No more sheltering in the poly-tunnel on wet days or using damp resources from the shed – our outdoor learning has been upgraded just as the children deserve.

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