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21st July 2021

End of Term

Congratulations! We made it! Today is the last day of the school year. A big well done to everyone for showing great resilience in such a hard year. All of our free left over food and uniform is by the main gate – take what you’d like!


School re-opens for all children on Monday 6th September. Breakfast Club will be open as normal from 8am on day 1. For everyone else, gates open at 8.40am and all classroom doors will be open at 8.45am. As we return to a normal school day, all classes will finish at 3.15pm.

Waffle Party – Wow!

You raised an amazing £507 to keep our school guinea pigs and our Forest School area going! It is a special part of our school and Mrs Walker works hard to make it a fantastic place for children to experience – so thank you so much for your support.

Race for Life & Refugees – Incredible!

Together, you raised £1,164.42 which we will share equally between our two chosen charities – Cancer Research UK and Nottingham Refugee Forum. Well done to all of our children who ran whilst thinking of others – you are lovely people!

Happy Eid – and Happy Halal for next year too…

Wishing a happy Eid to all of our Muslim families who are celebrating this week! We are pleased to announce that from September, we will be offering a halal option on days when chicken and beef are on the menu. Check the new menus when we return to school!

Goodbye Year 6

We are so proud of our Year 6s who have come through the weirdest of school years as hard working and kind school leavers. They celebrated the end of their primary years with an adventurous trip to Chatsworth and a chilled-out BBQ back at school. It was lovely to share a smaller than normal leavers’ assembly with family members this week too. We wish our leavers all the luck in the world as they become students in Year 7 – go out and make us proud, people (then come tell us about it – we’ll miss you)!

Goodbye Mrs Adams

After 7½ years at our school, Early Years Assistant Head Mrs Adams is moving on to become Head of her own school. Mrs Adams has worked incredibly hard to make sure that all of our children have had a fantastic start to their time in school and we will miss her serious amounts of knowledge and expertise! Good luck Mrs Adams!

Goodbye Miss White

Miss White has “grown up with us” from being a new teacher to one who has got her first promotion. She had a big impact on our school, not just as a fantastic classroom teacher, but also as a great role-model for the teaching of maths - supporting other teachers to be brilliant maths teachers too. Maths Leader is the perfect new job – we wish her lots of luck!

Goodbye Mrs Webb

Mrs Webb came to us to improve our Science and Technology teaching – and my word has she done that! As well as being a brilliant class teacher, she has also taught the teachers lots about how to make Science lessons interesting, relevant and memorable – including helping Year 1 with the proper hacksaws just this week! We wish Mrs Webb lots of luck as she and her family move to a new country for the next part of their adventure!

Goodbye Miss Grieve

Having come to us as a cover supervisor, Miss Grieve has also been a teaching assistant, supply teacher and eventually trainee teacher too! She is now heading off to her first proper teaching job – and after all the brilliant work she has done with us here, we know her new school are lucky to have her!

Goodbye Mrs Agar

After coming to do a few months’ of maternity cover in Reception class, Mrs Agar is on her way after two whole years supporting our Reception and Year 1 learners. A big thanks to Mrs Agar for all of her care and support for your children – we know she will be brilliant in her new job as a kindergarten assistant!

Happy Holidays

I wish all of our families a happy, healthy and relaxed summer break - enjoy!

Mr Gray

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