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Emergency information

Dialling 112 in the UK is the same as dialling 999? 112 works when you are travelling overseas too.

If you text the word REGISTER to 999, it will set you up to be able to text 999 in an emergency. This is very useful if you are in an emergency situation but don’t want to be heard making a call.

You can put an emergency contact on your lock screen of your phone by creating a new contact (enter the first name as ICE and the second name as their real name). This is helpful if you might need to contact someone quickly without going through your contacts, or if you are in an accident so the emergency services know who to contact.

School needs your up-to-date contact number AND ideally at least two other contacts in case of an emergency. Please let the Office know if your numbers change.

Miss Murphy (Early Years Teacher & First Aider)

June 2019


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