Summer 1- The Romans

The Romans

This half term we are learning about the Romans. We will be exploring the Roman invasion and how the empire spread, important people including Boudicca and the legacy they left.

Check out our knowledge organiser to see what else we will be learning :D

Boudicca's Rebellion

Check out Bronte's final drafts of their retells of Boudicca's rebellion (independent write). They have worked really hard buiding up to their final write. They have included lots of year 4 grammar :D (proud teacher moment).

Information Books

The children worked extremely hard creating their information books on the Romans. They researched on their chosen areas. Then, they drafted and edited their paragraphs.

Here are the finished books!

Roman Training

The children made Roman shields ready for their training. They practiced different battle strategies that made the Romans very successful in battle. They did the Orb, wedge, Turtle and Repel Cavalry.


Bronte showcasing all their work from this half term. They have been busy!

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