Spring 1 - Balanced Diets

Balanced Diets

This half term, our topic is all about Balanced Diets. This topic is mainly linked to DT, Science and Art. We will be cooking our own healthy stir fries. In Science, we will be looking at the digestive system, teeth and food chains. In Art, we will have the opportunity to draw 3D and explore different tones.

Our Learning

Today, in the year 4 Bubble, the children sorted foods into the different food groups.

Year 4 bubble making a digestive system

Children on Seesaw have also been looking at the digestive system! Bliss has written a fantastic paragraph describing the process!

In the year 4 bubble, children then labeled the parts of the digestive system and then explained how the food is digested.


Adding tone to their art work. Can you tell what fruit has been drawn?


Year 4 bubble explored their own teeth and then made a mouth using marshmallows. They learnt about the role of each teeth. Ask what canines are used for.

Nadine and Katie won the Kahoot quiz, demonstrating what they learnt!!


Year 4 bubble practising some peeling, cutting/slicing and grating skills. If you would like an extra pair of ends in the kitchen over the weekend the children would love to help.


The children presented their work about the digestive system on PowerPoint. They explored using different animations. They looked awesome!


The children cooked their stir fries today. They chose their ingredients, prepared them and fried them. They looked delicious.

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