Our Learning Journey

This half term the learning continues on Seesaw

Here's what we got up to in Spring 2!

Week 1

Our learning started with an "Under the Sea" exploration. We discovered lots of beautiful sea creatures. There were even some real shark fossils for us to explore. We were sad to see so much rubbish dumped n the ocean - we will be thinking of ways to prevent this as the half term continues...

Week 2

This week we had some very special text messages from "Sir David Attenborough".

We sorted different materials and tested them to see which ones were suitable for making an underwater camera.

Week 3 - STEM Week

We carried out lots of different experiments this week, making predictions and conclusions based on what happened. Parents joined us on Friday to learn about the experiments. The children were fantastic science teachers and really impressed everyone with their explanations and demonstrations.

Week 4

This week we are learning about the British Isles and the seas that surround them. We have been looking at maps, globes and pictures and learning the names of the seas and the countries of the United Kingdom.

Week 5 and 6 - You could carry on at home.

We are so sad that we didn't get to finish this learning journey with you but we are glad that you will be safe at home while all the schools are closed. Here is what we were going to be doing. Have a go at home!

Our next step was to create a piece of music inspired by the book "Snap!" by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe. It's a book all about sea creatures (Sharks, Dolphins, Walrus', Whales, Sea Otters, Penguins, Polar Bears, Octopus, Stingrays, Seals, Sea Turtles) and the sounds they make.

If you have instruments at home, could you use them to represent the animals? The shark might sound fast and scary but the sea turtle might sound gentle and slow. Could you make your own instrument using materials from home? There are some great ideas here. We were also going to look at making the sounds of the sea like bubbling water, crashing waves and swooshing wind.

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