We Are Animal Experts

Animal Experts Challenge

In Year 1 we have done SO MUCH learning about lots of different animals from all over the world. We even held our own Zoo Expo, showcasing our knowledge to our parents and friends. When we say we are experts, we are telling the truth (and our badges say so too!)

Miss Byrne and Mrs. Moore have a challenge for our Year 1 Animal Experts. We would love to visit more zoos but we can't right now because we are staying home and keeping safe and healthy. Can you take a look at these live animal webcams and tell us all about the animals you can see? You can write, draw, design a poster, record yourself talking about them....it's up to you! Here are some questions to get your brain thinking.

Can you describe their features?

Can you describe their habitat?

Can you describe their behaviour?

Click on the animal you would like to watch!

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