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Dear families,

As we come towards the end of the school year, children and staff have begun thinking about what the new school year will bring.

Today, children have found out who their next teachers will be. They will bring home a letter to show you their new staff.

After a very disrupted two years, we have taken many weeks to analyse every child’s learning needs to make sure that they will get what they need to properly catch-up next school year. This work has meant that we have been able to place every single child with the teachers and assistants who are best able to meet every child’s individual needs.

We have done our best to work with children's friendship groups. If your child does not have all of their friends in their new class, you can reassure them that they don't need them in class when they have their head down working but will still see them at morning playtime, lunchtime and afternoon playtime (the times when friendships matter most!).

You will see from the list of staff that some classes will have two teachers at the same time as well as a full time assistant. I am very pleased to be able to invest such a level of teaching into every single one of our children next year.

Some new faces (and some not-so-new too):

To help us with the plan to give every child the learning they need, we are pleased to welcome back:

- Mrs Evans who is returning from her maternity leave

- Mrs Dance who is returning from her maternity leave

- Miss Latif who taught Year 3 with us last year

And we are pleased to welcome for the first time:

- Mr Wigley who will teach Year 3 Brunel Class from September

Some faces we will be saying our goodbyes to:

- Mrs Adams (Assistant Head) who is heading off to be a Headteacher of her own school!

- Mrs Webb (Senior Teacher) who is moving overseas with her family

- Miss White (Y3 Teacher) who has been promoted to a Senior Teacher post

- Miss Grieve (Cover Supervisor) who is now a fully trained teacher going to her first post

- Mrs Agar (Y1 assistant) who takes on an early years assistant role closer to home

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