Nottingham Past and Present


This half-term, the children will be exploring the history of our city and making comparisons to the present day. Please check back regularly to see examples of our work as we learn more.


We studied Watson Fothergill's architecture. Our first step was to develop our use of perspective to draw some 3D shapes using a horizon and vanishing point.

After practising some shading techniques, we applied what we learnt to sketch some houses using 1-point perspective:

For a further challenge, we attempted some buildings using 2-point perspective. This was difficult (2 vanishing points!) so well done to the children for persevering!

We studied some street scenes using a central vanishing point and produced some excellent sketches:

Finally, we applied our understanding of Watson Fothergill's buildings and their features to some of our own sketches:

August 2022


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