Climate Change

Topic - Climate Change

This half-term, the children will be learning all about the important and immediate threat of climate change. Many of our subjects will be incorporated into our topic:

In Art, the children will be studying the unique work of Sean Yoro and will use his style and influence to create their own impactful pieces on climate change. We will study various religious charities and how they work towards combating the severe effects of climate change on areas of the human population.

In Science, children will learn all about evolution and inheritance. To enable the children to engage further with this subject, we will be heading down to London to visit the Natural History Museum on Wednesday 24th November. Be sure to send in permission slips for you children. We will be leaving school at 7am!

Please check back here for examples of work and of our visit to London.

Topic - Biology

This half-term, the children will recap their knowledge on the digestive system and they will be exploring how the circulatory system functions. This will involve some artwork of sketching the human heart and labelling it's important features. The pupils will also explore the impact of lifestyle choices on the human body.

The other Biology topic in Science, which will be taught this term is Classification. The puils will need to compare features of certain animals, to be able to organise them into classes.


This half-term, the children will have an opportunity to research the origin of the traditional Italian dish, Spaghetti Bolognese. In their research, they will compare prices of ready-made packs from supermarkets, ingredients of choice, as well as adding their own signature to their dish - a masterchef to look forward to! This will also involve a trip to Emmanuel Secondary School, as we will be using a secondary school food technology kitchen to prepare this dish.

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