Welcome to Year 4 - Pankhurst

Welcome to Pankhurst class. Emmeline Pankhurst was a political activist and leader of the suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote. To find out more about this formidable human being, read below:

In Pankhurst class, we are; Miss Froggatt (Class teacher Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays), Mrs Evans (Class teacher- Thursdays and Fridays), Miss Hedges, Miss Whistler, Miss Nason and Mrs Bayliss (Teaching Assistants).

Our Quest this term is called:

Journeys Past and Present

We will be exploring the world of Romans in Ancient Britain and how the Romans have impacted on how we live today. We will be learning about an awesome woman from history- Boudica and will have the chance to make pizzas! Yum! In art, we will be finding out about Paul Smith- a famous Nottinghamian!

Superstar readers

In year 4, we expect the children to read every day. It’s vital that the children read regularly so that they can access all areas of their learning and make fantastic progress. We are collecting 'reading miles' in phase 3. For every 4 reads you complete at home, the class can move on to their next destination. The first class in phase 3 that manages to travel around the world, wins a prize. Come on Pankhurst, you can do it! We're on our way to Africa!!!

Times tables

Children will be tested on their times tables up to 12 throughout the Summer Term. However, it is vital children know them by heart as they will be completing Bronze, Silver and Gold times table challenges in school. Children can only move onto the next challenge when they have got 100% in the previous one.

Your child should know and be able to use the commutative method. E.g. 2x4=8 in the 4x table and 4x2=8 in the 4x table. This term we are using our times tables knowledge and applying it to formal methods of division. The children who have been learning their times tables are certainly finding this work easy! Hooray!

This term's spellings

Please keep revising all spellings from Year 4.

This term's spellings are:

  • straight
  • favourite
  • strength
  • suppose
  • surprise
  • bicycle
  • business
  • medicine
  • natural
  • naughty

The Big Spelling Push!

We are looking at different spelling rules in class. Don't forget there are activities in the spelling packs to help you.

This Week

Don't forget to make sure your PE kit is in school EVERY DAY!


This term, we are learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

We have sent a booklet home, pop in to class if you need another one.‚Äč

We are all aiming to know our x tables up to 12 x 12. Who will be the next to win Gold?

Don't forget to read everyday and sometimes to an adult. Note that you have read in your diary for extra rewards!

Pupils have been bringing in completed home learning already! The are amazing! We can't wait to see what else you will complete.

March 2019


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