Welcome to Year 3 - Stevenson

Welcome to Stevenson Class! We hope that you all had a nice, relaxing break and that the children are ready for an exciting and jam-packed half term! Please check the back of newsletters and the school website regularly.

Mrs Kaur will be assisting Stevenson and Brunel Classes in Year 3 from Monday to Thursday.

Topic and Visitor – Would you have survived during Prehistoric times?

This half term, our history topic is the Stone Age to the Iron Age. The children will be learning lots about how people lived during prehistoric time and how their life compares to ours.

On Tuesday 5th June, a visitor will be coming into school to run Stone Age workshops with the children. Please give your class teacher the cost of the workshop, £5.20, as soon as possible.

English and Maths

Our focus in English this half term remains on our topic of Stone Age to the Iron Age. Keep looking at this page to see the children's amazing writing!

In Maths, we will revisit the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) although this term we will also be using them in the context of money and measurement. Key life skills for future success.

Forest School

Forest School this half term will be on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Walker and Mrs Kaur. Please bring a pair of outdoor trainers or wellies for your child to change into along with a warm coat.

Reminders - Uniform

Please ensure that you have written your child’s name on each piece of their uniform. This will make it much easier if, and when, items are lost or misplaced.

P.E. Kit

Please ensure that your child has their full P.E. kit on Monday each week and they leave it in school until Friday. This ensures that they are able to take part in each session, and when very rarely, events in school alter when we have access to the hall, children are never without their kits.

This Week

Please check the Newsletters for up-to-date diary information about upcoming events.

If you need another copy of the newsletter or trip letter, Mr Dalby or Mrs Kaur will be happy to help.

Wow Work!

Look at the children's amazing writing from this half term! We have been learning about The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. This story has inspired these WANTED posters with detailed character descriptions.

"Have you seen the Iron Man?"


Times tables

​Please practise the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables with your child at home. By the end of year 3, children are expected to be able to recall all of these times tables and know the division facts. Also, the times tables are in the back of the reading diaries.

Image result for timestables

Here are some maths games that you could use at home to help them practise:

Reading at Home

Please support your child by reading with them every evening for about 15 minutes.

Image result for reading

Reading regularly will also:

  • Build confidence
  • Build a wider range of vocabulary
  • Help with spelling and oracy
  • Build a rich imagination

Our focus now is on reading comprehension - your child's understanding of what they have read, how it compares to other books that they have read and whether they have enjoyed reading it.

It would significantly help if you could check your child's understanding of the book by asking a range of questions (see the links below for examples):

If you have any questions about reading with your child at home, I am more than happy to talk to you and provide you with extra materials if needed.


Please support your child in learning the spellings of the half term:

  • perhaps
  • address
  • guard
  • material
  • recent
  • guide
  • forward
  • fruit

We ask parents and carers to practise of these words at home - including using them in sentences.

If English is not your first language, we would also ask that you help your child to understand and use these words in your first language also. This will really help them enrich their vocabulary and understanding of how and when these words can be used.

If you have not seen these already, please look at the link below for the Common Exception words from Key Stage 1. It is always helpful to revisit these with your child regularly so that they can use them independently in their writing:

Also, please look at these Common Exception words that the children will need to know by the end of Year 4: