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Class Teachers - Miss Cao and Mrs Russell Teaching Assistant Mrs Kaur

Big Hello from Brunel Class!

Welcome back! This is the final stretch until the end of the year but we still have lots of fantastic learning planned...


This half term's spellings are now in Reading Diaries - please ask and check with your child and practise at home. You could do this as a handwriting activity, finding the definitions, synonyms and antonyms and writing them in sentences. Be creative and have fun with it!

Topic - Plants

This half term, our topic is Plants. We will be learning about the processes and labelling different parts of a plant. We will also be growing our own!

The Stone Age

We will be learning about the Stone Age this half term - becoming archaeologists, producing cave paintings and Stone Age jewellery and learning about life as a Neanderthal and early homo sapien, amongst lots of other things so watch this space! We will be sharing texts including The Stone Age Boy, Mammoth and Stig of the Dump which will link to developing comprehension and inference Reading skills.

English and Maths

Our focus in English this half term is applying all of the skills we have learnt this year within the topic of The Stone Age. The children will use writing structures including reports, posters, character descriptions, setting descriptions and more to practise and consolidate their learning in English this year.

In Maths, we will revisit telling the time (including digital time) and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) although this term we will be focusing on mastering these skills by using and applying what we know to reason and solve problems.

Outdoor & Adventurous Activity - Summer 2

We will continue to be joined by Commando Joe to lead this aspect of the curriculum. The approach uses video-based 'missions' that the children will then work towards during each session. There is also a big focus on character development in each lesson which adds an extremely invaluable dynamic to the physical elements of the units. What an incredible opportunity for our children to be a part of! Please ensure that your child has his/her PE kit and suitable outdoor trainers.

Gemma Sports Coach - Summer 2

We will also have Gemma, our own expert coach, in school to deliver high quality P.E. sessions to the children. Please make sure children have their kits all week.

Forest School

Forest School this half term will be on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Walker and Mrs Kaur. Please bring a pair of outdoor trainers or wellies for your child to change into along with a warm coat.

Reminders - Uniform

Please ensure that you have written your child’s name on each piece of their uniform. This will make it much easier to if and when items are lost or misplaced.

P.E. Kit

Please ensure that your child has their full P.E. kit on Monday each week and they leave it in school until Friday. This means they are able to take part in each session, and when very rarely, events in school alter when we have access to the hall, children are never without their kits.

This Week

Week beginning 16th April (after Easter holidays)

Please check the Summer 1 Newsletter in the related downloads section for up-to-date diary information about upcoming events.

Performance Poetry photos coming soon....... Watch this space!

Week Beginning 19th March

It's been assessment week this week in Year 3, and the children have worked hard to answer Reading and Maths questions. Well done everyone!

In English this week we have starting to plan our own stories of the journey through the Duat (Underworld), which Ancient Egyptians believed they must travel through in order to reach the afterlife.

Our class has been creating their own 'Book of the Dead' scrolls in order to overcome the trials and pitfalls that awaited Egyptians so that they could prove to have lived a just and righteous life. These will form their part of their plans for next weeks' writing.

In Maths, we have focused on adding and subtracting fractions - I'd like to encourage all of you to ask your children what 10/10ths are equals to? And what 4/8ths - 3/8ths is.

Week Beginning 12th March

This week in maths Brunel have been estimating and rounding in order to help them complete addition and subtraction problems.

In English, we have been investigating the Ancient Egyptian gods and creating our own Top Trump cards based upon their looks, powers and abilities.

New Walk Museum Visit

On Tuesday Year 3 had a great time visiting the New Walk Museum in Leicester. We learned lots more about our Ancient Egypt topic and even saw some real 'live?' mummies!!!


Sports Relief Day

​On the afternoon of Friday 16th the whole of Vctoria Primary School went outside for Sport Relief and had lots of fun! Thank you to everybody who took part and everybody who contributed and helped raise money for some very worthwhile causes.

Week Beginning 5th March

This week we have been helping prepare the ground for planting seed potatoes and other crops. Including finding some yummy worms!

We also held our World Book Day Celebrations - which had to be postponed due to the weather last week.

In Maths, we have started to look at geometry - focusing on the properties of shapes.

8th March 9am - Parents' maths workshop.

Although 'maths' hasn't changed - the way we teach it to children has. Please join us for a short workshop to help explain how and what Year 3 study in terms of mathematics.

Brunel pupils creating a story board for their legends of King Arthur

Place Value Practise

Volume and Capacity - measuring liquids


Please practise the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables with your child at home. By the end of year 3, children are expected to be able to recall all of these times tables and know the division facts. On the class webpage, you will find useful links to times table games and resources.

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Please read every evening for just 10-15 minutes with your child. Use the ‘How to Support Your Child to Read’ leaflet to ask questions about the text.

Please practise this term’s spellings with your child. The spellings will be practised with the children and written in their Reading Diaries in the first week.

Reading At Home

Please support your child by reading with them every evening for about 15 minutes.

Reading regularly will also:

  • Build confidence
  • Build a wider range of vocabulary
  • Help with spelling and oracy
  • Build a rich imagination

It would significantly help if you could check your child's understanding of the book by asking a range of questions (see the links below for examples):

If you have any questions about reading with your child at home, I am more than happy to talk to you and provide you with extra materials if needed.


This half term's spellings are:

- though

- notice

- quarter

- length

- library

- famous

- describe

- mention

- answer

- appear

We ask parents and carers to practise of these words at home - including using them in sentences. The children copy these down into their Reading Diaries at the beginning of each half term.

If English is not your first language, we would encourage that you help your child to understand and use these words in your first language. This will really help them enrich their vocabulary and understanding of how and when these words can be used.

If you have not seen these already, please look at the link below for the Common Exception words from Key Stage 1. It is always helpful to revisit these with your child regularly so that they can use them independently in their writing:

Also, please look at these Common Exception words that the children will need to know by the end of Year 4:

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