Governors have three main roles:

The Strategic Role
  • Having a vision for the school
  • Developing aims for the school
  • Forward planning so that all pupils can achieve the very best they can
The 'Critical Friend' Role
  • Monitoring and evaluating the school's work
  • Visiting the school
  • Ensuring that all meetings are effective by preparing questions and being well read on information given prior to meetings
The Accountability Role
  • Reporting on progress
  • Reciprocal accountability between school leaders and governors
  • The accountability to parents and the community they serve

School Governors make important collective decisions and are answerable to the parents and the community.

Interim Executive Board (IEB)

Victoria Primary School currently has an Interim Executive Board, this decision was made as it became part of Torch Academy Gateway Trust on the 1st September 2016. The IEB has the following members:

Position Name
Chair of IEB Ms N Heaton
Executive Headteacher Mrs H Duffy
Head of School Mr R Gray
Staff Member Mrs L Whistler
Staff Member Miss A Froggatt
IEB member (Community) Mr R Henderson
IEB member (Community) Mr A Edwards

IEB Minutes


Member Area of responsibility
Mr R Henderson Safeguarding, Special Needs, LAC
Ms N Heaton Pupil Premium, Achievement, Health and Safety
Mr A Edwards Finance

February 2018


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