Welcome to Year 5 - Fothergill

The children have come back with a fantastic attitude to their learning. We are very excited about this year!

Year 5 Fothergill

Teachers: Mrs Brook (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning) & Miss Mousley (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday & Friday).

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Coley (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) & Mrs Bayliss (Thursday & Friday)

PPA cover (Monday afternoon): Mr Dalby for Forest School and Mrs Whistler for PSHCE.

Our class name - Fothergill

Fothergill Watson (he later changed his name to Watson Fothergill) was one of the leading local architects practicing in the Nottingham area from about 1870 to 1906. During these thirty or so years he designed over a hundred buildings including houses, banks, churches, shops and warehouses; many of which still survive today.

Who said homework had to be be boring?!

Lots of English and Maths games and activities can be found on the side panel - just click on the links and have some fun!

There is also a document you can download with the website addresses on.


Children must continue to read as much as possible.

This holiday children can continue to add to our new fun app. A great way to save paper and work together! History: finding information ready for our new topic. https://padlet.com/Y5Fothergill/history

Holiday updates! Keep me updated of what you are up to this holiday. https://padlet.com/Y5Fothergill/holiday ‚Äč

Superstar readers

In year 5, we expect the children to read every day. It’s vital that the children read regularly so that they can access all areas of their learning and make fantastic progress. You can earn a raffle ticket for every 3 reads recorded in your reading diary and raffle tickets mean prizes! Children can read anything that interests them; recipe books, newspapers, comics, information books and even cereal boxes!

Times tables

Children must keep practising their times tables up to 12 at home so they can complete their challenges in school. Your child should know and be able to use the commutative method. E.g. 2x4=8 in the 4x table and 4x2=8 in the 4x table.

WWF Green Ambassadors

Y5 Fothergill will join Y6 Bridgetower in becoming ambassadors for the WWF.

As Green Ambassadors supporting the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), our role is to raise awareness across the school and wider community. We focus on the following areas;

  • Championing Sustainable Food
  • Saving on Energy & Water Use
  • Protecting forests & habitats
  • Taking action on climate change
  • Protecting endangered animals.

Coming Soon - WEAR IT WILD! Keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Year 5 - Fothergill

October 2017


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