Welcome to Year 4 - Pankhurst

Welcome to Pankhurst class. Emmeline Pankhurst was a political activist and leader of the suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote.

In Pankhurst class, we are; Miss Froggatt (class teacher Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays), Mrs Russell (class teacher-Wednesdays and Thursdays), Miss Hedges and Miss Whistler (Teaching Assistants).

Our Quest this term is called:

Can you achieve like an Ancient Greek?

We will be exploring the world of Ancient Greeks and comparing how they lived then to modern day. We're really looking forward to our trip on the 11th December to the Collection Museum where we will be fighting Persians and discovering the art of the Ancient Greeks.

Superstar readers

In year 4, we expect the children to read every day. It’s vital that the children read regularly so that they can access all areas of their learning and make fantastic progress. You can earn a raffle ticket for every 3 reads recorded in your reading diary and raffle tickets mean prizes!

Times tables

Children will be tested on their times tables up to 12 throughout the Autumn Term. However, it is vital children know them by heart as they will be completing Bronze, Silver and Gold times table challenges in school. Children can only move onto the next challenge when they have got 100% in the previous one.

Your child should know and be able to use the commutative method. E.g. 2x4=8 in the 4x table and 4x2=8 in the 4x table.

This term's spellings

Please keep revising all spellings from Year 4.

This term's spellings are:

  • woman
  • women
  • therefore
  • perhaps
  • ordinary
  • promise
  • opposite
  • pressure

The Big Spelling Push!

We are looking at different spelling rules in class. Don't forget there are activities in the spelling packs to help you.

This Week

Please note: This week we will be swimming at Portland on Friday and will be back at school be 3.30pm


This term, we are learning about Ancient Greece!

Activities you could complete at home are:

  1. Make a name plaque for your bedroom using Greek letters.
  2. Create your own storyboard of a Greek myth using pictures and captions.
  3. Make a Greek God/Goddess fact file.
  4. The myths and legends of ancient Greece include various strange creatures and monsters partly based on real animals that existed. Invent your own monster – this can be made out of junk materials, clay, card or collage.
  5. Find the names of five Greek inventors. Research what they did and present your work as a poster.
  6. Make a replica of a Greek pot or plate.
  7. Research the Ancient Olympics: Why did the Greeks hold the Olympic Games? What events took place in the Olympic Games and who took part? What are the main similarities and differences between the Olympic Games then and now?
  8. Can YOU think of something YOU would like to do about Ancient Greece? Yes? Then do it and bring it in for us to be amazed at!

All homework can be brought into school at any time by the end of this half term to be celebrated.

By Christmas, we are all aiming to know our x tables up to 12 x 12. Who will be the first to win Gold?

Don't forget to read everyday and sometimes to an adult. Note that you have read in your diary for extra rewards!

Pupils have been bringing in completed home learning already! The are amazing! We can't wait to see what else you will complete.

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