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Welcome to our page! Class Boot is made up of 27 bright and brilliant children. Mrs. Adams is our class teacher.

Class Boot is named after Sir Jesse Boot. He was a famous Victorian from Nottingham who trained as a pharmacist. He helped lots of poor sick people in Nottingham by selling his medicine at cheaper prices than all the other pharmacies. He was a clever businessman who set up lots of his own shops, which we know today as Boots. Sir Boot inspires us to be helpful, kind and to work hard. To find out more about our namesake, click here.

Tooth Fairy Visit - 6th June 2017

We are a Brushing Buddies school. This means that every day after dinner we all brush our teeth together. We know how important it is to keep our teeth and gums clean and healthy! Today we had a visit from the tooth fairy and her friend Becky the Brush. They taught us all about what it is like to go to the dentist. We even got to try on some dentist glasses, gloves and masks. We also learned about how many teeth we have and about what each type of tooth does.

Summer 2

WOW! We cannot believe this is our last half term of our year in Reception. Our topic is "Seasides" and we have just turned our home corner into a pirate ship. We've got flags, treasure maps, canons, eye-patches and lots more. We're ready to take to the high seas and find ourselves some treasure!

We have lots of wonderful seaside stories to read this half term including "the Rainbow Fish" and "Sharing a Shell". Maybe our parents could have a look for these stories in our local library? To see what else we will be learning please click here.

Please don't forget to read at least 3 times a week at home. Parents, please help us by writing in your child's reading diary and letting us know how well they did!

Summer 1

Yet another wonderful half term is over and what a great one it has been! Some highlights this half term have been our visit from the Library, the Mini-Beast Roadshow and our trip to the local shops. Our topic this half term was "Mini-Beasts". We had lots of opportunities to look for mini-beasts outside. Miss Casson and Miss Smith also brought in their Giant African Snails for us to have a look at. Some of us were even brave enough to have a hold! We are excited to find out what we will be learning about next half term.

Mini-Beast Road Show - 24th May 2017

The lovely staff from White Post Farm came in to show us lots of mini-beasts and furry creatures. We had a brilliant time learning about each different creature. Some were easy to hold, especially the calm bunnies! The ducklings were a bit more energetic. Some of us were brave enough to hold a baby royal python! There were creatures like tarantulas and scorpions that had to stay in their cages as they can sting. Last but not least we got to meet a turtle who was 80 years old! Thank you so much to the staff from White Post Farm, we had a great day and learned lots.

Walk to Bridgeway Shops and Smoothie Making - 5th May 2017

We thought that the Very Hungry Caterpillar needed something a bit healthier to eat so we decided to make him a yummy fruit smoothie. We made a list of ingredients and set off to the shops to buy them (with the help of some lovely parents and family members.) We visited the local fruit and veg shop as well as the Co-op. Everyone searched around the shop and when we had what we needed, we queued up to pay. The lady behind the counter scanned our items and told us how much to pay. Then she gave us our change and receipt. Afterwards we headed back to school to make the smoothie. We had an exciting morning!

When we got back to school, Miss Smith chopped up the fruit and we took turns putting all the ingredients into the blender. We all had a little taste and agreed that the Very Hungry Caterpillar would love it!

Giant African Snails - 26th April 2017

Miss Casson and Miss Smith brought their Giant African snails in to show us. We are going to be writing a fact file about them so it was helpful to have a look at them. In our groups we discussed what they looked like, how they moved and what they felt like. We collected some great adjectives to use in our writing, like "slimy", "slow" and "sticky".

Mini-Beast in the Classroom - Friday 21st April

This morning we had a visitor in our class! We spotted a mini-beast crawling on the floor and wanted to get a closer look. Mrs. Dovey helped us to collect him in a jar and we got some magnifying glasses to have a look. Zakariya noticed the bug's beautiful shell. "It's so shiny!" he said. After some time investigating, Candice decided to let the little bug outside. "Maybe another bug can be his daddy!" she said. We are going to look out for more mini-beasts!

Library Visit - Wednesday 19th April

A lady from the library came to read three different books to us. We had to choose our favourite book by placing a sticker next to the picture of the book we liked the best. Our class chose "Don't Wake Up Tiger". We were so lucky because we got to keep all three books to have in our reading corner. Why not visit your local library and choose some books to read at home?

Decorating Easter Eggs - Friday 31st March

Red Nose Day and Mother's Day Afternoon Tea March 24th 2017

Thank you everyone for dressing up in red and donating to support Red Nose Day. On the same day we also had our Mother's Day Afternoon Tea. It was lovely to see all the mums enjoying the scones made for them by their children (with a cuppa of course!) We had a lovely afternoon and hope you did too! Check below to see some pictures from the day.

World Book Day 2017

We had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day. We started the day with a story session and enjoyed listening to our favourite stories. Look at our amazing character costumes!

Spring 2

It's been another brilliant half term! Each morning we practised our writing independently. Lots of us can now write simple words and sentences. In maths we worked on our addition and subtraction skills and some of us even started to write our own sums! We have also been getting much better at making our own patterns with the natural objects outside. This half term we started our daily "Busy Bees" challenges; one physical and one maths challenge every day. We had lots of fun doing these outside.

Spring 1

We had a fantastic half term! We spent lots of time working hard to improve our writing and we really thought about what we were going to write. In maths we started to learn about adding and taking away and we are excited to continue our learning next half term. One of the highlights of this half term was our Chinese New Year "Stay and Play". So many of our parents came along to celebrate and join in the fun with us. We had a wonderful time!

Autumn 2

Another amazing second half term at Victoria Primary School! We have had a great start to school life and are now so much more independent. We came in by ourselves each morning and worked hard to write our own names. In our phonics groups we moved on to our fourth set of sounds and some of us started to write simple words and even sentences. Maths was lots of fun this half term. We had a great time making patterns, finding the missing number and finding one more/less. One of the biggest highlights of this half term was our Christmas performance of "The Nativity". We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

Autumn 1

What a fantastic first half term we had! Our teachers were so impressed with how hard we worked in lessons. Lots of us got prizes for reading at home and learning our Bear Words. We enjoyed doing Yoga every Monday in our P.E. lessons. We can all do the dog, tree and snake pose really well. Each week we went to Forest School with Mrs. Walker where we had lots of fun learning to take care of our new school pets: Candy and Munchie the guinea pigs. To see what else we got up to, take a look at the notice boards in our cloakrooms!

This Week


Week beginning 3rd July 2017

This week our Book of the Week is "1 is a Snail, 10 is a Crab".

In phonics we are learning:

  • lost of sounds we have learned previously. We are applying them to our writing and reading.
  • compound words like windmill, sandpit and playground.
  • words that have adjacent consonants like jump, damp, fast, list
  • to apply what we have learnt to our writing

In maths we are learning about adding and shapes.

Check our homework section for extra learning you can do at home. If you have done something special at home, bring it in to show us! We love to see work from home!


Please keep practising your Bear Words at home. The more you practise, the closer you are to receiving your certificate!

Read at least 3 times this week and make sure parents sign your reading diary to let us know how well you did or if there's anything you need to get better at.

October 2017


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