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2018 -Spring

Good Morning Breakfast and Story,,, and Pancake Day celebration!

Our guest reader was Miss ODonoghue

Mix a pancake, stir a pancake

Toss a pancake

Eat a pancake

The winners of Mums' Pancake Tossing competition. .Congratulations :)

Go -Ride We started bicycle riding lessons

Whether it’s a spin in the back garden, splashing through puddles in the park or tearing around a local pump track: cycling is an essential part of growing up.

Good Morning Story & Breakfast

Year 6 boys were our first Guest Readers this year.

First Forest School in 2018! :) We had to dress well as it was very cold.

We found lots of shapes in the garden


We played with and fed our guinea pigs

We have started our daily Dough Disco activities

What is dough disco?

Dough disco involves moulding dough in time to music and performing different actions such as rolling it into a ball, flattening it, putting each individual finger into the dough, rolling it into a sausage and squeezing it.

Why do dough disco?

This activity helps to strengthen children's fine motor muscles to enable them to develop their pencil grip which in turn will help to develop their writing skills. But most of all it's fun !

​2017 -Autumn

Christmas time in the Nursery

Nursery Christmas Party

A visit from Father Christmas with presents for everyone!

Christmas Performance for our parents and families

Christmas dinner

Decorating our school Christmas Tree

Story time -guest reader Mr Hallam, our site manager, read us a Christmas story

We are getting better at writing

Good Morning Breakfast and Story Time with Mr Gray

Children in Need. decorating Pudsey biscuits.

Making Carrot Cupcakes

We dug out five carrots from our garden

We shared one with our guinea pigs

Mrs Walker grated the carrots

Everyone had a go at stirring the ingredients

Icing our cupcakes. We all tried one cake and also took one home to share with our families

Do not worry we are ok. Mrs Walker went on the First Aid course and brought some bandages . We pretended we were poorly and had bandages on our legs, arms and heads.

Maths - learning about patterns

Finger gym - look how well we concentrate

Children in Need. We came to school dressed up and decorated Pudsey biscuits

2017- Autumn 1

Our First School Dinner

We are making green playdough

We are learning how to share

We know how to line up and how to be good listeners

We love Finger Gym! It helps strengthen our hand muscles- ready for writing

We brush our teeth everyday

Learning our rhyme of the week- Hickory Dickory Dock!

Open evening with parents

Forest School

February 2018


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